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Hello! Ive decide to move instead of deactivating. Cuz i have alot of people who will miss me. So ill leave it be. 
So that means new change. New ocs, new page, new EVERYTHING
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Ill send you all a note when i make it.
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Shuld i deactivate?
Im not much on Deviant art. Ive lost interest in it
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important about commissions
Ok so,  I hate my art style xD I will change it after I finish the commission's I have to do rn, so they're closed now ;w; im sorrybdjshis  please leave a comment if I owe you anything!  I'll be doing stuff from the list,  (I remember 2 things that aren't on the list, ) so please remind me ;v;  
alSO soon i'll be gone for a week as in,  no laptop for a week,  (going to my sisters house :>) so no drawings then; w;  I'll make a post before I go (because idk when but its soon )  aa ok thanks for reading  ;0;
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Nearly ready!!
Nearly ready to wire Rarity's mane. Something tells me easier said than done. I am going to add up what the cost of a Rarity will be. Save. Up! This is just really a proto type, she is for me but I could really finally make her for someone! *Quiet yell: yay! :3  Next stage in Rarity is that infernal quilt batting. It seems to hate my skin but I guess that is my issue isn't it? :) Quilt batting makes the fabric more stable and easier to work with and shape around the wire. It is however, necessary! Some don't even use it at all but that's okay right? 
I still prefer MInky cuddle 3 out of all the minky fabric  I have dealt with. Plush minky is good too and yes there is such a thing but whereas the shape takes its form very nicely with it; it is almost too delicate because I used thread on Rarity that was too thick and it nearly punched through the fabric. That is why she is my prototype. The thread should be mostly invisible if at all possible. <3!
This weekend is going
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When was 66 million killed by bolsheviks mentioned
This is mostly for research porpoises. (If anyone tried to look for this in Russian: А. Солженицын. Архипелаг ГУЛАГ. т.2; ч.3; гл.1)

Here is the part of the Gulag Archipelago where Alexander Solzhenitsyn writes about the 66 million killed by soviets.
Here are some parts from Lenin's Collected Works that were used:

I. Bringing to the end the nationalization of industry and exchange. P. Nationalization of banks and the gradual transition to socialism.
III. Forced association of the population in consumer societies.
{+ Goods exchange}
IV. Accounting and control of production and distribution of products.
V. Labor discipline.
{+ Tax policy}
Labor service, started from above.
Recognition is absolutely necessary and urgent the most ruthless measures to combat chaos, disorder and idleness, the most determined and draconian measures to raise discipline and self-discipline of workers and peasants.
The transformation of state control into real control to create volatile groups of controllers in all areas of economic life.
Practical conditions for attracting to the work of the bourgeois intelligentsia and saboteurs expressing a desire to work with the Soviet authorities.
Industrial courts to record production, product stocks and labor productivity. " = Lenin's Collected Works Volume 36, page 217

“The expression "the state dies away" is chosen very successfully, because it indicates both the gradualness of the process and its spontaneity. Only a habit can and will undoubtedly have such an effect, for we see ourselves around us millions of times, how easily people get used to observing the rules of the hostel necessary for them, if there is no exploitation, if there is nothing that disturbs, causes protest and insurrection, creates the need for repression .
So: in a capitalist society, we have a democratically cut, shabby, false, democracy only for the rich, for the minority. The dictatorship of the proletariat, the period of transition to communism, will for the first time give democracy to the people, to the majority, along with the necessary suppression of the minority, the exploiters. Communism alone is able to give democracy really complete, and the more complete it is, the sooner it becomes unnecessary, it will wither away of itself.
In other words: under capitalism, we have a state in the proper sense of the word, a special machine for the suppression of one class by another and, in the majority, by a minority. It is clear that for the success of such a case as the systematic suppression by the minority of the exploiters of the majority of exploited people, extreme ferocity, brutality of suppression is needed, blood seas are needed through which mankind goes its way in a state of slavery, serfdom, mercenary.
Further, in the transition from capitalism to communism, suppression is still necessary, but the suppression of the minority of exploiters by the majority of the exploited. A special apparatus, a special machine for suppression, a "state" still it is necessary, but this is already a transitional state, it is no longer a state in the proper sense, for the suppression of the minority of exploiters by the majority of yesterday's wage slaves is so comparatively easy, simple and natural that it will cost much less blood than suppressing uprisings of slaves, serfs, wage workers, that it will cost mankind much cheaper. And it is compatible with the spread of democracy to such a… “ = Lenin's Collected Works Volume 33, page 90.

Just in case anyone tried to look for this in Russian:
One of my first people I met here has reached 100 watchers! \(^¬^) /
She thinks about doing something for it, ifshe should.
Any avice/help?
Is "as old as the great wall of China" an insult? :o


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