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The Day (a Mlp:Fim fanfiction) Part 1/3
The brown little earthpony filly woke-up in his wooden, dark yellow  box-like bed, because the light from another room reached his tiny face. After few blinks, the filly opened his dark green eyes and quickly jumped out of the bed, landing on the tough, grey stone floor. He was about to walk to the other roon that was lighter since it had a window, but then he heard Lestia's voice whispering in his head:
  "You forgot to tidy-up your bed. Please go back and make your bed in order..."
 The whispering sounded like it was very very close to both of his ears. The filly got a bit scarred and slowly looked around, but didn't spot Lestia anywhere.  The young earthpony sighed and smiled, almost giggled at the fact that he thought Lestia could hide somewhere in his tiny room while she was about big enough to eat his small body, besides why would she whisper to him. The filly was about to start walking before he heard Lestia whispering to him again:
:iconsatanbrony:Satanbrony 1 2
(Gift) She has love by Satanbrony (Gift) She has love :iconsatanbrony:Satanbrony 14 9 (Gift) for Rahr by Satanbrony (Gift) for Rahr :iconsatanbrony:Satanbrony 8 5


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Suspension/ possibility of leaving...
I wondered if this would happen and it seems it has. 
Ok, so from what I have heard, Bondage artists are having their drawings removed and are being suspended because of the work they are putting down...
As such, I am concerned with these supposed "fair minded" people who are running this site and I question their competence. 
They ban and suspend people for supposedly promoting sexual acts on this site and yet I have seen accounts on here promoting things on this site that would be considered real sexual acts and considered disgusting anywhere else on the internet
Because it is tagged as Art.
How the hell is that fair to us? That is not. It is stupid beyond belief. 
I have lost a lot of watchers and friends on this site because of this shit and I am sick of it! 
Don't get me wrong, I agree that in lots of cases, Censorship is needed but when it gives way to just "oh we'll get rid of your works because we feel like it" that's not right
:iconequestriasservant:Equestriasservant 1 12
Nami-chan [REF] by Catlori9 Nami-chan [REF] :iconcatlori9:Catlori9 24 9
Huge hiatus peeps.
Raffle deadline extended to April 24.
Take care, as this time, no phone or computer.
Hope to see you all again
:iconghosheart:Ghosheart 2 8
1.4k Watchers-and Why I love Flame Princess..
Hello,Thomas here and hope that u all had a wonderful day with ur friends and family..:)
I just reached 1.4k watchers and I'm honored by this because all of u guys are just amazing thank u so much for this amazing support and everything else,means a GALAXY to me,I'm glad to have u all in my family,it's just awesome and wonderful,I'm so happy to see that so many ppl got interested in my work and in my beloved Flame Princess..:)
Some news:Recently I've opened up a tumblr page and I'm gonna post stuff and artworks there too so be sure to check it out..:)
I will provide u with a link so u get see it 
So guys I want to tell u something about me..:)
Maybe u were wondering why I love Flame Princess so much and why I'm so attached to her,right?
Now I will tell this to all of u..:)
So let me start:A few years ago,I think that in 2015 I had a big family problem,my parents s
:iconandrasfu1027:Andrasfu1027 4 36
Elementalist Flame Princess by Andrasfu1027 Elementalist Flame Princess :iconandrasfu1027:Andrasfu1027 171 58 Gluey Ref by BetterTlanTlis Gluey Ref :iconbettertlantlis:BetterTlanTlis 3 11 Sugar Mint Berry Ref by ponpombon Sugar Mint Berry Ref :iconponpombon:ponpombon 103 18 Taz (Ref Sheet) by QuantumGlitch115 Taz (Ref Sheet) :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 8 2 (AT)Beretta- OC by B1tchNamedKisha (AT)Beretta- OC :iconb1tchnamedkisha:B1tchNamedKisha 24 12 School is boring by SpaceRamirezz School is boring :iconspaceramirezz:SpaceRamirezz 7 0 Request of ashbasher22-Yagami Light by KawaiiSweetMuffinArt Request of ashbasher22-Yagami Light :iconkawaiisweetmuffinart:KawaiiSweetMuffinArt 7 3



(Gift) happy Feather
This is a drawing gift fir a very cute friend of mine- LookCinnamonBun
Nice Fluffy Cinnamon. :huggle:
She is very good at designs and digital drawing...
She likes hugs^^
When my core membership that I had for a year ended, my friend wished they had it for so long.
So if you WANT and CAN, could you give a year core membership to QueenDice?
You don't have to. She didn't ask for it...
She makes awesome art and is sweet+ cute person.

Have a nice day!


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Mayfeel Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there , i’m back on DA and i decided to come and say hi ;w; ~
Satanbrony Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
The cute fench girl? :o
How have you been???
I missed you very much. I also missed your art and as afar as I remember I think you have improved!!!

I hope you wipl enjoy this new stary friend!!! :hug:
I'm very happy you came back!
Also, thank you very much for adding so mamy of my drawings to your favorites:hug:
Mayfeel Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks you so much for this warm welcome back OwO ! I actually was into a big art block so i decided to do random drawings to try to improve , i’m glad that my return is making you happy cx !!

You improved too , i love your art so much cx !
Satanbrony Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
You are very welcome friend, I just missed you that much actually ^^;.
Oooh, I understand. Well you really did improve ^^ and of course your return is making me very happy- you are my friend!!!

Well not as much as you did^^;, Thank you for the nice words!
(1 Reply)
Satanbrony Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hello, happy core-membership months!! ^^

Sorry, but I'm not the person who gave it to you...
QueenDice Featured By Owner 5 days ago
wonder who did o,o thank you doe :heart:
B1tchNamedKisha Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ello bro!
Satanbrony Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018
Hello sis!
How are you doing? ^^

I'm about to go to sleep soon...
B1tchNamedKisha Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am okay i guess and i need some sleep 2. So how are you and good night!!
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